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Caring for Your Vision in the Workplace

March is Workplace Vision Wellness Month, an initiative by Prevent Blindness American (PBA). The purpose of this initiative is to educate companies and their workers about the relevance of eye wellness, with safety tips on how to prevent vision-threatening eye mishaps.

Each day, employees sustain job related eye injuries that require medical attention. Workplace safety experts and healthcare professionals believe the two most common reasons that workers experience eye injuries is either because they don't use anything to protect their eyes or they are taking the wrong sorts of safety precautions.

Most frequently, eye injuries that occur in the workplace are due to flying particles or falling objects such as dust, concrete, metal or wood that can enter or scratch the eye. Chemicals, fumes and flames can also burn and damage the delicate eyes.

Keeping Safety in Sight

There are four crucial ways to protect your eyes from injury:

  • Learn the eye hazards found at your job.
  • Limit the possibility of danger before you commence work by requesting machine shields, screens or other safety devices.
  • Use safety goggles that fit well and give enough coverage for what you are doing. Your optometrist will be able to help in determining the most suitable protective eyewear for your particular situation.
  • Keep your safety eyewear in good condition, and have it replaced if even just slightly damaged.

Computer Monitors and Healthy Vision

Working at computers or using mobile and hand held devices can also be unsafe for your vision. Due to the increase in the use of computers in everyday life, these dangers are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Below are some helpful suggestions to prevent eye strain and visual discomfort when working on a computer or using a hand held device:

Learn the 20-20-20 rule to give your eyes a rest. At every 20 minute interval take a 20 second break and have a look at something 20 feet away. If you're using a hand-held device, make the font bigger so you'll be able to use it at a distance better for your eyes.

In addition maintain the brightness of your screen to a comfortable resolution and position your screen just below eye level to reduce any pressure on your eyes. You should also consider the option of computer glasses.

If you have further questions relating to protecting your vision at your workplace, please contact us today!