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Read our Patient Reviews

I was in the same shopping center as Lenscrafter and decided to stop in because my 11 year old mentioned last week that he was having trouble seeing the board in school even though he already wears glasses. When we went in we were directed over to the doctor's office, Dr. Brian Berliner- there was a bunch of people already there but they put us on the list and we were seen within 20 minutes. They did some tests on my son and explained what each test was for and answered his questions which made him very comfortable. When we saw Dr. Berliner he was very helpful and explained how quickly prescriptions can change for children. He gave us a bunch of different options between different glasses and even trying contacts (I didn't know kids this young can wear contacts!) for my son and we ended up getting him new glasses which is has been really happy with. I would definitely recommend going to this location and will be back the next time my son's prescription changes!
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Just had the best eye exam! The office took me right away with no appointment. The doctor was so nice and I got the most comfortable pair of contacts.

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Dr. Brian Berliner and his associates were not only child friendly but professional, kind, and courteous. His examination as well as the technologist's screenings were extremely thorough and precise. Dr. Berliner was engaging with my 3 children (ages 10, 8, and 5). He not only checked their visual acuities but other ocular areas necessary for academic success. He did this all with a smile on his face. He and his entire staff took their time. We never felt rushed. Every question was answered with honesty without being condescending. The office was clean, well kept and updated with the latest technology. I would recommend Dr. Brain Berliner, his colleagues and staff to any one interested in an excellent eye examination.
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Dr. Berliner and his staff were truly amazing. After a recent eye injury I was recomended by a relative to make an appointment with Dr. Berliner. He is knowledgable, comforting and quite entertaining. He settled my nerves and made me feel confident that I made the right decision in choosing him for my vision therapy needs. The office was state-of-the-art but still had that warm hearted smaller practice feel. The exam was thorough and I was treated as if I were a patient for a decade. This is a total different experience then most offices around and I will continue to be treated by Dr. Berliner and his staff for my future eye care needs.
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Dr. Berliner is truly an extraordinary doctor. I have had trouble with my eyes my entire life, and no eye doctor has been as thorough or as caring as Dr. Berliner. He adjusted both my glasses and contacts prescriptions in such a manner that has allowed me to see some 3D; an experience I have never had before in my life! He really takes his time explaining everything and ensuring that you feel comfortable with everything he's doing. I highly recommend him if you want a caring doctor who isn't just about running patients in and out of his "factory".
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I had made an appointment to see Dr. Brian Berliner at Lens Crafter in the Walt Whitman Mall because it had been a while since I had my glasses prescription updated and wanted to see about contacts. I showed up like 15 minutes early and was called in for some testing after filling out some paper work. The woman who ran the tests was very nice and explained what each test showed as she did it. I waited less than 10 minutes to be called in by Dr. Berliner. He compared my current prescription to what it should be at which was a real “eye opener”. He carefully explained the differences (positives and negatives) between the different types of contact lenses that he offers and I settled on CRT lenses, which sounded really awesome because I get to wear them at night and take them off during the day. Dr. Berliner took his time with me so I didn't feel rushed and seemed very genuine and caring to what type of contacts best suited my life style. I would definitely recommend Dr. B erliner AND CRT lenses for anyone who is sick of wearing glasses or doesn't like having contacts in all day. CRT lenses have been a real life changer since I started them 3 months ago.
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I recently had an eye exam with Dr Brian Berliner. The care that I received was 5 star. All of the equipment is state of the art and Dr Berliner and his staff were outstanding. I was experiencing some binocular issues and after an hour exam, Dr Berliner had the problem solved with a new pair of reading glasses and some eye exercises. I also learned that I was only reading with my right eye. I left feeling relieved and cared for. My life has changed since receiving the glasses, I can think more clearly and read with ease. Dr Berliner is the total package, great bedside manner and phenomenal skills.
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