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Ladies and gentlemen with eye exams scheduled for the near future, can we have your attention please? If you want to guarantee that your exam is beneficial and worthwhile, there are a number of facts we will need from you.

Because eyes can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions, it's pretty important that you inform us of any changes in your body you may have recently become aware of. To give you some idea, this includes allergies, pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other serious illness. Do you take any medication? If so, we will need to know what you're taking, because this can also affect your vision.

The more we are informed about your lifestyle, the better. For example, do you drink or smoke? In addition, we will have a look at the way you actually use your eyes. Are you at university and doing a lot of reading? Being informed of this information can help us to determine the solution to your vision problems.

And if there are any eye diseases that effect anyone in your family, it's important to inform us, because a few of them are hereditary. It's a lot more efficient to look out for certain signs when we're informed about which conditions you're vulnerable to.

Let us know if you observe any changes to your eyes and vision including double vision, blurriness, flashes of light or spots. We will get to bottom of what's behind the symptom, and figure out the best possible treatment. It's also useful for us if you take your most recent glasses along to your appointment. Glasses provide important information, even if you wear contact lenses. Together, we will establish the best way to rectify your vision needs.