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Eye Care Tips While Working From Home

Why is it important to take care of your eyes

You may find it difficult to work from home, but here’s what you can do to make the transition easier on your eyes. Read on to learn our top tips, and how we can help.

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Many people have swapped cubicles for couches as COVID-19 “work-from-home” policies have become the new norm. Working from home has its benefits, but some people are reporting more headaches and eyestrain due to several factors in their home/workplace.

If your eyes are giving you trouble — whether you work from home or not — Dr. Brian Berliner and Associates in Huntington Station, New York can help!

Eye Care Tips While Working From Home

  • Stick to The 20-20-20 RuleTaking regular breaks from staring at a screen gives your eyes a chance to relax and refocus, minimizing eye strain.

    Every 20 minutes, try to shift your gaze to something that is 20 feet away from you, for 20 seconds. It doesn’t have to be exactly 20 feet away — just anything that is significantly distant from your eyes.

    And during your short break, why not grab a glass of water? Hydrated eyes feel better than dry eyes.

  • Sit Comfortably
    It’s hard to be productive when you’re uncomfortable — which is why you shouldn’t overlook the importance of ergonomics when it comes to working from home.

    The right seating and positioning can make all the difference for your eyes, and ultimately, for your productivity. Choose a comfortable chair that supports your back and aim for an overall neutral posture, avoiding strain on any joint or muscle.

    Position your laptop or monitor at or below eye level, about an arm’s length away. Gazing at a screen above eye level can cause eyestrain.

  • Blink OftenDid you know that we blink 66% less when staring at a screen?

    A decreased blink rate contributes to computer vision syndrome, a common eye problem that affects 75% of individuals who work in front of screens, especially those above the age of 40.

    Blinking hydrates our eyes, and that’s important for eye health. Set up a reminder to pop up on your screen every 15 minutes or so.

  • Minimize GlareHere’s another cause of computer vision syndrome: glare and reflections that bounce off your screen and into your eyes.

    Thankfully, reducing glare is pretty simple. You can easily apply an anti-glare screen protector for a more comfortable working experience. Ask your eye doctor about computer glasses or anti-glare coatings for your glasses, if you wear them.

    You can also position your screen so that it’s not facing any bright windows or lights.

  • Visit Your Optometrist You may have seen this one coming, but it’s too important to skip.

    If your work environment just isn’t cutting it for your eyes, we can help!

Book an eye exams at an eye clinic near you to learn more about your candidacy for contact lenses and which type is right for you.

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What Are Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?

Common symptoms of CVS include eye fatigue, headache, dry eyes, blurred vision, burning eyes, light sensitivity, and neck or shoulder pain. The severity of symptoms can vary, and each treatment is personalized to target your specific symptoms.

Can Computer Vision Syndrome Be Treated?

Your eye doctor can guide you on how to optimize your workspace to accommodate your vision. Ask your eye doctor if computer glasses are right for you, or if there are any filters or coatings that can be added to your glasses to help. Don’t suffer any longer! There is help out there for those suffering from computer vision syndrome.

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Dr. Berliner was excited to attend the International Congress of Scleral Contacts (ICSC) 2019, held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this year from July 25-26. ICSC is a meeting full of “rapid fire, highly interactive presentations” that provides attendees with an “expansion of existing knowledge and further increase confidence to fit the latest technology in scleral lenses”.

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