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Air Optix COLORS

Come Experience The Magic of Air Optix COLORS

Gemstone Green to Brilliant Blue, Sterling Gray to Pure Hazel, enhancing or changing your eye color with colored contacts can give you that stunning new look you've always wanted. Colored contact lenses can correct a range of vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It is also possible to enjoy the new and exciting look of color contact lenses without any prescription at all!

Colored Contact Lenses in Lake Grove & Huntington Station NY

When selecting the right color contact lenses for you, it is important to have lenses that do more than make your eyes stand out. Your contacts should also be comfortable to wear and healthy for your eyes. This is where New Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses come in. Air Optix Colors are the latest in cutting edge contact lens technology, utilizing advanced technology to create a contact lens that is healthier and more comfortable to wear than any other color contact on the market.

Since Air Optix knows that lens breathability is a number one consideration when it comes to lens comfort and eye health, Air Optix Colors utilize patented, cutting edge lens materials to allow up to 5x more oxygen to your eyes than any other color contact brand. The patented ultra-smooth design of Air Optix Colors also reduces susceptibility to calcium and other types of deposits that tend to build up on other contact lens brands and make them feel dryer and less comfortable, as well as increasing risk of eye infection.

But why not come and experience the magic of Colors for yourself?

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