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Lasik or Laser Vision Correction

The LASIK Consultation With Dr. Brian Berliner In Long Island

young women after LASIK surgery in Huntington, NY

Dr. Brian Berliner & Associates offer a complimentary consultation (a $100 value) so a patient can learn if they qualify as a candidate for the laser vision correction procedure. Please mention the web site when you call in for your free consultation.

What is LASIK, and What Are the Benefits of LASIK Co-Management?

Have you been wearing eyeglasses for years and can’t handle how they always seem to get in the way? Or perhaps you wear contact lenses, yet find that they get increasingly uncomfortable as the day goes on? Many people with prescription eyewear dream about walking out the door with no eyeglasses or contacts – and being able to see crisp and clear. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to stop dreaming. Visit Dr. Brian K. Berliner to see if LASIK surgery is a good solution for you.

Introducing LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a cutting-edge refractive surgical procedure, which means that it can decrease or eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. (In case you’re wondering, LASIK stands for “Laser-Assisted-In-Situ-Keratomileusis.”) During this type of laser vision correction, your LASIK surgeon will direct the cool beam of light from an excimer laser to reshape the cornea (front surface) of your eye. In order to do this, a corneal flap is first created on the surface of your eyeball, which is peeled back to give access to the laser.

Nowadays, LASIK surgery is highly advanced, highly effective, and boasts high safety. The vast majority of our Huntington and Lake Grove, NY patients who undergo this procedure enjoy exceptional visual outcomes.

What is LASIK Co-management?

Dr. Brian K. Berliner partners with leading surgeons in the Huntington area to provide patients with complete preoperative and postoperative care. Our LASIK co-management will assure you optimal results from your refractive surgery. We aim to serve you with the best eye care services possible, and our first-rate co-management is one excellent example of how we do this!

Dr. Berliner’s LASIK co-management consists of a few parts:

Part 1: The Consultation

“I was both interested and scared to have LASIK. After I met with Dr. Berliner, most of my fear disappeared. He performed an initial exam and testing and told me that my eyes were suitable for LASIK. At this point, I had many questions – and he gave me knowledgeable answers to all of them!” shares Tim, a long-time patient.

Our co-management begins with a friendly, no-pressure consultation in the comfort of our eye care clinic. We’ll tell you all about the procedure and answer all your questions patiently. It is important to be aware of all the benefits and risks involved.

If you would like to find out about your personal candidacy for LASIK surgery, Dr. Berliner will perform a thorough eye exam. He will assess your precise vision prescription, corneal curvature and thickness, eyelid structure and tear film. If the results show that your eyes are suitable for LASIK, then he will refer you to a top eye surgeon near our Huntington or Lake Grove optometry practice.

Part 2: Pre-operative Care

After we help you to set up your LASIK surgery with an experienced eye surgeon, Dr. Berliner will handle your pre-op check-up. He will dilate your eyes to take detailed measurements. At this point, you will also receive clear and comprehensive information about what will happen on the day of your surgery and what to expect as your eyes heal.

Part 3: Post-operative Care

The details of your post-op care will depend upon the type of LASIK and your unique eye condition. Typically, Dr. Berliner will see you on the day after surgery to make sure that the healing process is proceeding smoothly, and then again at regular intervals throughout the next weeks and months. We will continue to review your eye health and assess your vision during follow-up eye exams.

Benefits of LASIK Co-management

You will havOptometrist Plainview NYe the best of both worlds: compassionate eye care from an expert eye doctor who knows you, and LASIK surgery from a leading eye surgeon in the region. Co-management for laser surgery is a perfect example of how teamwork can produce outstanding results! To experience our superior eye care services, contact us to schedule your appointment.

Before your LASIK surgery, you will be able to meet with Dr.Berliner in one of our convenient and comfortable clinics. You won’t need to spend time waiting anxiously in an impersonal hospital waiting room. After your procedure, you will enjoy a personalized treatment from your optometrist, with whom you have a friendly, lasting relationship. In addition, Dr. Berliner is highly accessible if you have any concerns or complications.

“I had contemplated LASIK for years, but never felt confident enough to do it. But when Dr. Berliner walked me through all the steps, and I realized that I wouldn’t be going through this alone, I was finally able to make the decision. He gave me full clarity of mind – and of my vision!” says Brian, the resident of Lake Grove, NY.




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