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Why get Dailies?

No matter what you need for your eyes, we will provide it expertly! At Long Island Vision Care we stay current with all the latest technology and cutting-edge treatments – so you benefit from optimal eye care services.

Daily disposable lenses are the most convenient. You don’t need any contact lens solution, or even a contacts case for storing them over night, because they’re disposable. This daily wearing schedule is ideal for traveling, or for teenagers who want to wear contact lenses but don’t want to worry about contact lens care. They are also the most hygienic option, because the chances of protein build-up or an accumulation of germs from eye infections and other contaminants are greatly reduced. That is why many people opt for daily contacts.


MyDay® toric 90pk


MyDay® daily disposable toric

You demand more from your toric contact lenses: Beyond clear, stable vision, you insist on extraordinary comfort to help you stay on top of your high intensity lifestyle. MyDay daily disposable toric lenses are manufactured by CooperVision, a world leader in toric contact lenses. MyDay lenses are our softest 1-day silicone hydrogel lenses ever and are the world's first 1-day contact lenses made with CooperVision Aquaform® Technology to keep your eyes looking clear and white and feeling comfortable all day long. With MyDay daily disposable toric, you’re ready to take on your day.

Biofinity® toric 6pk

Biofinity® toric & Biofinity® XR toric

If you have astigmatism and demand exceptional quality, try Biofinity® toric lenses by CooperVision, a world leader in toric contact lenses. Biofinity toric is the most prescribed toric lens on the market and offers a remarkable balance of comfort, breathability and excellent visual performance.

They feature a dependably stable fit. And they’re made with CooperVision® Aquaform® Technology which provides 100% of the oxygen your eyes need to help them stay healthy, and give your eyes premium comfort throughout your busy days.


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ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day Contact Lenses


ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day is the latest in a long heritage of leading-edge innovation and by ACUVUE® designed for patients experiencing ever-demanding lifestyles and environments.

The new contact lenses were developed to provide all day comfort and visual clarity.

A recent survey found the majority (71%) of eye care professionals are seeing patients who are experiencing eye discomfort related to increased screen-time, with young contact lens wearers spending an average of 9 hours per day in front of a screen, causing them to blink less and experience more dryness and eye fatigue.

Today’s modern lifestyles, long hours and increased use of digital devices are taking a toll on eye comfort.

Available in spherical and multifocal, ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day contact lenses are designed to address multiple vision correction needs. A premium range of daily disposable contact lenses designed for proven performance.


ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day – pack of 30 daily contact lenses


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ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day Multifocal – pack of 90 daily contact lenses


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Ray-Ban logo


There’s a lot to love about Ray-Ban® 1-DAY contact lenses. Ease and convenience, all-day comfort, UV blocker, and a high oxygen lens. Ray-Ban® 1-DAY contact lenses allow up to 3×1 the oxygen to reach your eye, which makes for a healthy lens-wearing experience and whiter, brighter2, more comfortable eyes.

In addition to the healthy** benefits of silicone hydrogel, Ray-Ban® 1-DAY lenses are naturally wettable, for excellent, all-day comfort.