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Daily Disposable Lenses

What are Daily Contact Lenses?

Dailies are contacts that are replaced every day. They are single-use lenses. You open a new pair in the morning, and throw them away when you take them out.

Any contact lens wearer will tell you that contacts feel most comfortable on “day 1” so why wear them any longer? According to the FDA classification, daily contact lenses are soft contacts that are worn only during the day for one day, and they are not meant to be extended wear contact lenses. So, even though they may be so comfortable that you forget they’re there, do make sure you throw them out before you go to sleep.

Why get Dailies?

Daily disposable lenses are the most convenient. You don’t need any contact lens solution, or even a contacts case for storing them over night, because they’re disposable. This daily wearing schedule is ideal for traveling, or for teenagers who want to wear contact lenses but don’t want to worry about contact lens care. They are also the most hygienic option, because the chances of protein build-up or an accumulation of germs from eye infections and other contaminants are greatly reduced. That is why many people opt for daily contacts.

Daily Contacts sound great… Are there any cons?

Like many disposable products, daily disposable contact lenses can be more costly than reusable contact lenses with a longer replacement schedule. However, when you factor in the contact lens solution and lens case costs, the difference may be negligible.

Some contact lens wearers noticed a difference in lens quality between dailies and traditional contact lenses. Technology has come a long way, and lens material quality has advanced in recent years, so there have been improvements in both comfort and quality of daily contact lenses.

How do I decide whether I should choose Daily Contact Lenses?

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are available in Long Island, NY. Ask the contact lens specialists if daily contacts are right for you.