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Monthly Replacement Lenses

The options for replacement schedules seems almost endless: daily, bimonthly, monthly, yearly… Thanks to advances in contact lens technology, you can choose the wearing schedule that is most suitable for you. One of the most common replacement schedules for soft contact lenses is monthly. Are monthly contact lenses right for you?

Monthlies are available from almost every contact lens manufacturer. They tend to be made from higher quality material and over time monthly contacts are cheaper than dailies. Plus, if you are concerned about the environment, wearing one pair of lenses for 30 days instead of one, helps reduce waste. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about keeping them long term, like yearly contact lenses, and if they do tear, you are likely to have another pair in the medicine cabinet.

Monthly Contact Lenses come in many options:

Your traditional contact lenses are monthly lenses. If you have dry eye, you may need special soft contact lenses for dry eye, which are highly permeable to oxygen or provide other moisturizing comfort measures. Dry eye contact lenses are also available as monthly contacts. Toric contact lenses for astigmatism often need to be replaced with a new pair each month.

Many color contact lenses are meant to be changed every month. There are also extended wear contact lenses, which are worn day and night. Most extended wear contacts are approved for 30-day wear.

Interested in Monthly Contact Lenses?

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