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Eye Exam Technology

Clarifye Eye Exam 

Eye exam technology has been the same for decades-but not anymore. During your Clarifying exam, your doctor uses advanced, digital equipment to map the unique fingerprint of your eye.

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Specular Microscope

Our practice inside Lenscrafters has just introduced a new advanced specular microscope for specialized corneal evaluation. Specular Microscopy is one of the most sensitive indicators of the health of the cornea. This instrument is used in the evaluation and counting of corneal endothelial cells. It can also measure corneal thickness.

This very unique microscope allows us to analyzes endothelial cell variation to determine corneal health. This is used in both our Huntington Station and Lake Grove locations.

Digital Fundus and Retinal Camera and Analyzer 

Used to analyze and examine in high definition the interior tissues of the eye. Our Eye Doctor's offices in Huntington Station and Lake Grove both have this machine.

Zeiss-Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Used to detect early visual field loss which could be indicative of glaucoma or neurological disease. This can be found in our Lake Grove and Huntington Station eye care clinics.  The instrument is the "gold standard" in the ophthalmic community.

Tomey Computerized Corneal Topographer

Used to measure and map the surface of the cornea in great detail. This instrument helps us design contact lenses specifically to each cornea and to help diagnose early corneal disease. We are pleased to say that the instrument is used in our two eye care offices in Huntington Station and Lake Grove, NY.

Frequency doubling technology (FDT)

Offers a rapid method of detecting visual field abnormalities such as glaucoma. This instrument has a high level of sensitivity and specificity allowing us to detect visual field abnormalities at a very early stage and is found in both our Lake Grove and Huntington Station eye care clinics. This instrument is used on every comprehensive eye examination in our practice.


This instrument is used for in-depth examination of the optic nerve and surrounding nerve fiber layer. The technology allows us to diagnose glaucoma and the risk of glaucoma years ahead of other technologies. In addition, any progression of the disease can be accurately monitored.

The most important parameters that this instrument measures are the optic nerve head shape, optic nerve rim area and volume, and the thickness and contour of the retinal nerve fiber layer. The information received is then used to compare to a normative database and aids the correct classification of individual patients. We use this instrument at our Lake Grove and Huntington Station eye care offices.

Contact us today to schedule your next eye exam with our state-of-the-art technology. We utilize these instruments at our offices inside Lenscrafters in Huntington Station and Lake Grove.